introduction :

Microsoft is Great Company Really i love this Company .

Microsoft have Tools Report name (SQL Server 2005 performance Dashboard Reports) it,s good Report From Microsoft you can Download the Tool and Customize it to Show in your Server Stander Reports .

The Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Performance Dashboard Reports are used to monitor and resolve performance problems on your SQL Server 2005 database server. The SQL Server instance being monitored and the Management Studio client used to run the reports must both be running SP2 or later.

Now i need to Setup This report on SQL Server 2008R2 so i will Explain it step by step.

  1. Download the Tool from website .
  2. Install Performance Dashboard in the Default Location if you need to change it no problem but don’t forget the Path.
  3. I installed this tool in the default path After Installation Go to this Path (C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Tools\PerformanceDashboard)
  4. open your SQL Server You need to Effect This Report on .
  5. Search on this Folder (PerformanceDashboard) to (Setup. Exe)

Performance Dashborder_2

  1. By CTRL+F try to found this Statement ( select @ts_now = cpu_ticks) in your Code you will See this Line in this Script it .select @ts_now = cpu_ticks / convert(float, cpu_ticks_in_ms) from sys.dm_os_sys_info
  2. Replace it by This T-SQL (select @ts_now = cpu_ticks / convert(float, cpu_ticks_in_ms) from sys.dm_os_sys_info)
  3. Performance Dashborder
  4. Run this Script on your SQL Server after you replaced the code with new line if you try to run this Script on SQL Server 2005 it will give you Error :Msg 207, Level 16, State 1, Procedure usp_Main_GetCPUHistory, Line 6 Invalid column name ‘cpu_ticks_in_ms’.
  5. Right Click on your SQL Server >> Reports >> Custom >> go to this Path (C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Tools\PerformanceDashboard) >> Select (performance_dashboard_main.rdl) >> RUN
  6. After this Step you will find your New report (Performance Dashboard ) is Working immediately .
  7. If you need to Work it Again Right Click on your Server >> reports >>Performance_dashboard_main.
  8. Performance_dashboard3





in the finale i think it’s great report also if it not get All what we need but it’s good from SQL Server it’s have a good Interface to help all guys working on SQL Server Product .

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