Database Health Check


Health CheckYour company grows, and your SQL Server gets slower and slower and slower? You have virtualized your most important SQL Server installations on which your business relies? Your storage is extremely slow, but according to your SAN admin, everything is fine? You have designed a High Availability solution for your SQL Server, but you are not sure if it really provides the necessary uptime?

Sounds familiar? You don’t have to be scared – you are not alone with your challenges! With our SQL Server Health Check offering – a preventive medical examination of your SQL Server installation – we resolve your problems! We will sit together with your team (SQL Server team, Windows OS team, Storage team) and analyze and review your SQL Server installation for possible problems. You tell us the symptoms, we tell you the root cause of your problems! The problems could be performance-related – maybe you have problems with your hardware. We also take a detailed look at your High Availability strategy and make sure that it meets your Service Level Agreements.

A typical SQL Database Administration Health Check normally runs between 1 and 5 days based on your expectations. As a result your team will get metrics about

your SQL Server installation and a detailed PDF report which describes the findings. During a SQL Server Health Check we can check the

following areas of SQL Server:

  •  Hardware (Storage, CPU, Memory) Configuration
  •  Virtualization Layer
  •  Operating System Settings
  •  SQL Server Instance Configuration Settings
  •  Database Configuration Settings
  •  Index Optimizations
  •  Locking & Blocking Optimizations
  •  TempDb Configuration
  •  Database Maintenance
  •  Backup Strategy
  •  Disaster Recovery Plans
  •  High Availability Strategy

Contact us for further details if you want to have a preventive medical examination of your SQL Server installation.

Contact :

Mobile : +966 543990968 , +966 549661486, 00201114668821

Email : Eng.Mostafa_Elmasry@WindowsLive.Com Eng.MostafaElmasry@Gmail.Com 

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