In my first article in Azure Cosmos DB, we talked about What is Cosmos DB and How to provisions it, then in the Second article we talked about Partitioning Architecture in Azure Cosmos DB. And today we will complete our learning to understand What is global distribution in Azure Cosmos DB? For more information about my Azure articles check this link

When we say global distribution you Should think Automatically in Cosmos DB because it is the most solution in the market provide this feature global distribution, But why global distribution we should be interested in it for couple of reasons unlimited elastic write and read scalability, Yes Cosmos DB provides a solution to read and write option in multiple regions most of the databases solutions provide read scalability but in Azure Cosmos DB we have also write scalability.

Cosmos DB through the replica set will keep a copy of our data petitioning in all the regions we configured it and this important because when anyone worldwide will access your APP Cosmos DB will route this connection to the closest Region and this process will be handled by Cosmos DB traffic manager. Also, Cosmos DB Provide users around the world fast access to data with low latency for reading and write as comprehensive SLAs starting from 99.9 % to 99.999 %

What is happen if one of the regions down? Cosmos DB traffic manager will route the connection to another region to make sure you have High Availability So, to take the benefits from Azure Cosmos DB global distribution you need to configure multiple regions and this something very easy by one single click you can add more regions at this time we will have Full Copy from Our data in these multiple regions and we can read and write on all of them.

The most interested in Cosmos DB that When you add a new region this operation process takes a few seconds and we will have a full copy of our data in the new region. For more information about Global data distribution with Azure Cosmos DB Check Microsoft Documentation Keep Following to learn more about Cosmos DB.

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