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Is your SQL Server very slow, and you have to analyze to find the worst executed queries? Do you have to partition your biggest tables to implement a Sliding Window scenario? Do you want to find out if a ColumnStore index will solve all your performance-related problems? Do you have to store encrypted data on a cell-level in your database? Do you want to revise your High Availability strategy with SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn Availability Groups? Do you want to educate your developers and DBAs about Indexing strategies, and why indexes are a must in a database? Do you need to design a database with multiple terabytes of data, and still meet your Service Level Agreements?

Our SQL Database Administration Consulting Services provide you with immediate answers to your specific SQL Server challenges. We have 10+ years of SQL Server know how, and we have worked with almost every technology in the relational engine of SQL Server. We will solve your craziest SQL Server problems without any doubt, because we are passionate about SQL Server – and we live our passion day by day, during our consulting engagements with various customers across Europe. Your problems are our challenges. And they will be resolved. We provide real answers, guaranteed!

A typical SQL Database Administration Consulting engagement can run just a day, maybe even a week. It just depends on your needs and wishes. Here is a list of some of our consulting engagements from the last few months:

  •  Improving SQL Server performance through a profound indexing strategy
  •  Finding the worst performing queries and analyzing their execution plans for detailed query
  • optimization
  •  Designing VLDBs (Very large databases, 10 TB+) for SQL Server
  •  Migration of Database Mirroring and SQL Server Failover Clustering to SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn
  • without downtime
  •  Improving the throughput of credit card transaction processing through the use of SQL Service
  • Broker
  •  Finding TempDb related problems, and resolving them by rewriting queries
  •  Troubleshooting of very high CPU consumption, and getting it back to an acceptable level
  •  Eliminating Dead Locks and improving the Locking & Blocking aspects of the workload
  •  … Contact us for further details if you want to get your SQL Server problems resolved.

Contact :

Mobile : +966 543990968 , +966 549661486, 00201114668821

Email : Eng.Mostafa_Elmasry@WindowsLive.Com Eng.MostafaElmasry@Gmail.Com 




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