Finally, I got my certification Azure Database administrator Associate for Exam (DP-300) after two times failure, during the journey of study I watched many courses, videos, and articles, and this post of today is for spreading what I have from the knowledge and what I learned during the journey, and I do two things during my study published around 70 articles in Azure technologies and prepared one document to contain many pieces of information for Azure SQL Database administration

So, in this post, you will find all of the resources that you can start your study from it and the document I created it

Azure Database Administrator Associate

Azure SQL Resources

Azure Database Administration Documentation Exam (DB-300) V1

In this document, you will find much information related to the below 30 topics:

  1. SQL Server on Azure VM
  2. MariaDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL on Azure
  3. Azure SQL Database Architecture
  4. Azure SQL Database Connectivity
  5. Introduction to Azure SQL
  6. Azure SQL Database Types
  7. Scaling out Azure SQL Database
  8. Azure SQL Database
  9. Service Tier and Purchase Model
  10. Azure SQL Database Elastic Pool
  11. Azure SQL Database Elastic Pool Compute + Storage
  12. Azure SQL Database MI Managed Instance
  13. Differences between SQL Server On-Premises and Azure SQL Managed instance
  14. Azure Managed instance Service Tier
  15. Azure SQL Managed instance Security
  16. Azure SQL MI References
  17. Differences between Azure SQL Database and SQL Server and Non-Supported Features
  18. Azure Database Migration
  19. Azure SQL backup
  20. Azure SQL Restore
  21. Azure SQL Security
  22. SQL Azure HA High Availability
  23. Azure SQL Performance
  24. Query performance insight
  25. Azure SQL Analytics
  26. Azure SQL Performance Recommendation Services
  27. Azure SQL Automatic Tuning Services
  28. Azure SQL Elastic Database Jobs
  29. Azure SQL Database Data Sync
  30. Azure DB-300 Exam QA
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