Gen 2 Azure Data Lake It is Microsoft Service designed for big data processing, and it is a combination between azure storage feature and Azure Gen1 Data lake and Microsoft recommend to use GEN2 for X of reasons (Performance, Management, and Security) Azure Gen2 Data Lake is the addition of a hierarchical namespace  , So Gen2 Azure Data Lake is designed for managing and storing a very big large amount of data petabytes. For more information about Gen2 Azure Data Lake Check Microsoft documentation

Provisioning a Gen 2 Azure Data Lake

It is like the normal create for Azure storage account check below steps and GIF to know how we can Provisioning a Gen 2 Azure Data Lake

  1. In the Azure dashboard, click All resources > Add resources.
  2. From the Azure Marketplace, select Storage > Storage Account.
  3. Create a new storage account.
  4. Create a new Resource Group or a select existing one if you have.
  5. Name the storage account for example “elmasrystorageADLG2”.
  6. Set the location to East US 2. or what you need
  7. Set the performance level to Standard. or what you need
  8. Set the account kind to StorageV2.or what you need
  9. Enable the Hierarchical Namespace option.

Azure Storage information  

If you are interested to learn more about azure storage information such as How to manage what is the types, how to monitor, High Availability and replication types on Azure Storage and so many other information you can check it in below articles

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  2. Microsoft Azure Storage Kind and Architecture
  3. Create Storage Account Using PowerShell and CLI Command
  4. Azure Storage Account and Log Analytics
  5. Azure Storage Account Monitoring Services
  6. Sync your local files with Azure Storage Sync Service
  7. Copy Files to or from Azure Storage using Azcopy
  8. Azure Storage Geo-Replication
  9. Azure Date Transfer Solutions
  10. Microsoft Azure Storage Permission

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