What you need to know About Azure SQL backup

Most of DBA are coming from On-premise Database Servers they know very well How we can manage SQL backup using SQL Server native backup or even using SQL Server Backup third party tool but when we moved our database to cloud (Azure SQL) all of us starting to ask How the backup is taken in Azure for SQL Database, what is the RTO and RPO, How I can restore the backup all of this information I will list them in my article of today.

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Azure Cosmos DB High Availability and Disaster Recovery Architecture

Part 6 in Azure Cosmos DB architecture Series Keep Learning and Spread your Knowledge if you don’t read the previous parts I highly recommend you to take a look into them:

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Azure Cosmos DB API Architecture

Again, still we have a lot of information we can spread our knowledge on it for Cosmos DB today I will talk about Cosmos DB API options and How I can choose between them and what is the key factor I should consider it when I choosing the Cosmos DB API. IF you don’t read my last articles in Azure Cosmos DB so here is your road map to learn Cosmos DB:

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Distributed Tables in Azure Synapse SQL

Azure Synapse is the new Generation of SQL DW (Azure SQL Data Warehouse), that is launched in the past year In November 2019 the First announced for Azure SQL Synapse was in Microsoft Ignite 2019, With Azure Synapse you can bring together cloud data warehousing and big data analytics into a single service platform, Azure Synapse is massively parallel processing (MPP) Engine. Microsoft Added on it many features, With Azure, Synapse Compute is separate from storage, this means you can scale compute independently for the data in your System (APP), With Azure synapse, you can bring the relational Data and Non-relational data together in one place and easily you can do your query and your analytics on a huge amount of information, Azure Synapse build for a massive parallel query for Analytics not for transaction database, Azure Synapse uses Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 for more information About Azure Data Lake Gen2 Check this Post, Azure Synapse Support (Apache Spark integration, Power BI, Azure ML), Also you can take a look to this demo with Rohan Kumar this demo is part from Microsoft Ignite 2019 Keynote and you can Follow Rohan Posts from here

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Consistency Architecture in Azure Cosmos DB

In my first article in Azure Cosmos DB, we talked about What is Cosmos DB and How to provisions it, then in the Second article we talked about Partitioning Architecture in Azure Cosmos DB, then in third Article we talked about Azure Cosmos DB Global data distribution Architecture, today we will complete our series to talk about Consistency Architecture in Azure Cosmos DB For more information about my Azure articles check this link, Keep Following to learn More about Azure and Cosmos DB


Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB Provide 5 level of Consistency (Strong, Bounded staleness, Session, Consistency prefix, Eventual) Before Explaining What is Consistency, Why I should take care about Consistency, Which Consistency is best for my APP design before all of that let us talk first about CAP Theorem

Consistency in Azure Cosmos DB
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