This week i got my new Azure Certification badge (Azure Data Engineer) and today i am writing this article to share all of the resources i collected it during my study this is not a technical article I will not explain any concept or any technical information here this article is repository article.

Exam information

To get Azure Data Engineer Badge you should pass two exams DP-200 and DP-201

  1. DP-200 (Implementing an Azure Data Solution)
  2. DP-201 (Designing an Azure Data Solution)

Both exams are They are very similar DB-200 related for How to do and How to Implement and DB-201 related for How to design, how to provide a solution, how to choose between data sources, what is the best solution for data movement …etc.

DP-201 Exam contain many cases questions you should read the case very well and answer the questions on this case

Also, during the study, you can prepare for the other two exams because both of them are covering the same concept of Azure Data Engineer. Study well and enter the 4 exams (DP-200, DP-2001, DP-300, DP-900)

  1. DP-300 (Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure)
  2. DP-900 (Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals)
Azure Data Engineer Associate

After passing two exams you should earn the badge like this

Most Important subjects on exams

The most important subjects that you need to understand the concept of it and 90% of both exams are talking about them:

  1. Azure SQL DB
  2. Azure Cosmos DB
  3. Azure Synapse
  4. Azure Storage blob and Data lake Gen 2
  5. Azure Databricks
  6. Azure Data Factory
  7. Azure Data Lake Analytics
  8. Azure Analysis Services
  9. Azure Stream Analytics

Most topics you should cover it on these services:

  1. Concept
  2. Component
  3. How to provisions
  4. How to secure
  5. How to Optimize
  6. How to Monitor

Free Resources

  1. Azure SQL for beginners: or from here
  2. Azure SQL Bootcamp:
  3. Azure SQL Workshop:
  4. Azure SQL Workshop Slides:
  5. Azure SQL fundamentals:
  6. Data Exposed:
  7. My Azure SQL Articles:
  8. My Azure Cosmos DB Articles:
  9. Azure Cosmos DB Blog
  10. Get Started With Azure Cosmos DB:
  11. Implementing Azure Databricks:
  12. Introduction to Azure Databricks:
  13. The month of Azure Databricks:
  14. Azure Databricks:
  15. Databricks Channel:
  16. Azure Databricks Webinar#1:
  17. Azure Databricks Webinar#2:
  18. Azure Databricks Webinar#3:
  19. Azure Databricks Webinar#4:
  20. Azure Databricks Webinar#5:
  21. Azure Data Factory:
  22. Azure Data Factory With CI/CD Using Azure Pipeline:
  23. Azure Data Factory Channel:
  24. Azure Data Factory Real-Time Scenarios:
  25. Orchestrating Big Data with Azure Data Factory:
  26. Azure Synapse Analytics – An Introduction:
  27. Azure SQL Data Warehouse Synapse:
  28. Azure Synapse SQL Analytics:
  29. My Azure Synapse Articles:
  30. The Synapse Sessions:
  31. Delivering a Data Warehouse in the Cloud Course
  32. Creating Databases in Azure SQL Datawarehouse
  33. Analytics in Azure virtual event
  34. Azure Data Lake:
  35. Processing Big Data with Azure Data Lake Analytics:
  36. Azure Data Engineers QA interview:

Another Free Resources Full Courses

Paid Full Courses

Exam Test Practices

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