Nothing Is hard when you decide to do it, from two weeks I earned my Certification of Azure Data Engineer and today I passed Exam DP-900 and I got my new badge for Azure Data Fundamental DP-900 with Score 882 and I passed this Exam by 3 resources only.

Azure Data Fundamentals

What you need to know to pass this Exam

  • Azure SQL
  • Azure Cosmos
  • Azure Bob Storage
  • Azure Data lake Gen2 Storage
  • Structured Data VS Semi-structured Data VS Non-Structured Data
  • ingestion VS processing
  • Batching VS Processing
  • Data analytics categories (Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, Prescriptive, Cognitive)
  • Basic Information about Azure Data Factory
  • Basic Information About Azure Data Bricks

For more information about How you can cover most of this points in deep check this article you will find very helpful resources and Free Courses

Resources for DP-900

  • First thing Read the Microsoft Learning path of DP-900 from here.
  • Second thing view this Full revision video for DP-900
  • The third thing for more information check this course on Udemy by Scott Duffy

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