In this article I will explain by code how can you make cursor to select data from table and insert it into another table but this to learning but if you want to insert data from Table to another Table I suggest to use Insert into select instead of Cursor

— Create Table and Populate with Sample Data
CREATE TABLE ServerTable (ServerID INT, ServerName VARCHAR(100))
INSERT INTO ServerTable (ServerID, ServerName)
SELECT 1, ‘First Server’
SELECT 2, ‘Second Server’
SELECT 3, ‘Third Server’
— Creating New Table
CREATE TABLE NewServerTable (ServerID INT, ServerName VARCHAR(100))
— Insert Logic
SELECT @Flag = COUNT(*) FROM ServerTable
WHILE(@Flag > 0)
INSERT INTO NewServerTable (ServerID, ServerName)
SELECT ServerID, ServerName
FROM ServerTable
WHERE ServerID = @Flag
SET @Flag = @Flag – 1
SELECT ServerID, ServerName
FROM NewServerTable
— Clean up
DROP TABLE ServerTable
DROP TABLE NewServerTable


To see what happens when you run this script enter F11 to open Debug Query and enter F10 to see effect step by step

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