Question – What is the code name of SQL Server 2008?


Well I knew that the Microsoft gives code names to it products when they are in developmental stages. But I never came across the code name for SQL Serves!


So I did some research on Net to find code name of all the SQL Server Release till date. They are listed below.


SQL Server Release Project Code Name
SQL Server 6.0 SQL95
SQL Server Enterprise Manager Starfighter
SQL Server 6.5 Hydra
SQL Server 7.0 Sphinx
SQL Server 7.0 Plato
SQL Server 2000 (32-bit) Shiloh
SQL Server 2000 (64-bit) Liberty
SQL Server Reporting Services Rosetta
SQL Server 2005 Yukon
SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition Laguna
SQL Server 2008 Katmai / Akadia
SQL Report Designer 2.0 Blue
SQL Server 2008R2 Killimanjaro







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