Disable Publishing and Distribution Servers

1- Open MSSQL Distribution Server >>> mangment Studio >>> Replication >>> Write Click >>>> Disable Publishing and Distribution

Disable PDisable ublishing and Distribution

2- Disable this  Distribution and Publishing in this Server or Disable the Publishing and let the Distribution


3- Confirm Disabling Remote publisher this step if you add Remote Publisher

Confirm Remote Publisher

4- Confirm Disable is Wizerd or T-SQL


Now if you Checked the Distrubiter Database under the System Database you will not Found it also if you make write Clikc on Replication you will See Configure Distribution option that’s meaning this server without Distribution


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Mostafa Elmasry

How to Add New Publisher Server to the Distributor Server (MSSQL Replication)

now if i need to Add new Publisher on my Distributor Server i will do this steps in SQL Server Also if you need to know hot to Setup the Cnfiguration of Distributor Server see this link :http://wp.me/p1Oidq-et or Check the replication categories :https://mostafaelmasry.wordpress.com/category/sql-server-2008/replication/

1- Connect to the MSSQL Distributor Server >>> mangement Studio >>> Replication >>> Write Click >>> Distributor properties


2- Add SQL publisher

Add SQL publisher

3- Add password to Connect the Publisher with this password to the Distributor


Now if you Check the Distributor Server you will See 2 Publisher Server

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Mostafa Elmasry