This Error Show to me when i want to see the Properties of SQL Server Agent to my instance

 troubleshoot this Error

  1. go to Start >>>> Run >>>>> Write (Regedit)
  3. search in the right list on file name (ErrorLogFile) if you found it right click >>>>> Modfiy >>>>> Check the path in ValueData is true this path
  4. if you not found this file (ErrorLogFile) 
  5. right click on SQLSERVERAGENT >>>>>New >>>> String Value
  6. Rename the file will Create to (ErrorLogFile)
  7. thengo to C: Drive >>>> Programme File >>>>Microsoft SQL Server >>>> (Your Instance Name) >>>>MSSQL >>>>Log >>>>SQLAGENT.OUT
  8. then take this path and go to the file (ErrorLogFile) in the reigistration
  9. then right click >>>> Modify >>>> put the path in Value Data . then ok
  10. try now to open your SQL AGENT Properties .



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