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Hello my Followers as we know Microsoft is going very fast for SQL Server 2016 RTM , Recently Microsoft announced about SQL Server 2016 CTP 3 “SQL Server 2016 Community Technology Preview 3.0” and this force us to learn more about the new features of this new SQL Server Release and to know ” What’s New in SQL Server 2016 “.

In the Previous versions of SQL Server we couldn’t touch the tempdb Configuration while the SQL Server installation but now in SQL Server 2016 CTP 2.4 we can configure your Tempdb easily without any effort from the beginning

Tempdb Configuration in SQL Server 2016 2.4 :

  • By defalut now SQL Server 2016 Setup add 4 Data files for the Tempdb not like before one file only.
  • the default initial size is 8MB and the default autogrowth is 64MB.
  • we can now add specified data File in Specified Direction
  • During the Setup now we can configure the Data File , initial Size , Database Growth

SQl Server 2016 TemPDB

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