Filling all your tables with test data VII


Hi guys in my last post  (Filling all your tables with test data) i explained how we can fill multiple tables by test data by using My own Stored procedure , but after i creating the script and i do on it more test on our staging environment and it’s  working very well i got  one issues on the script ( SP can not cover the tables with composite primary key )  at this time I reviewed  the Stored procedure from the scratch to know where is the issue and how i can solve it at the end i asked on e of my best friends Mohamed Abdel Kariem mentor T-SQL to help me in this subject and at the end we do awesome script and here the below new enhancement on our main stored procedure .

Stored procedure enhancement:

  1. SP now supported tables with composite primary key
  2. SP now supported tables with composite primary key with data type uniqueidentifier.
  3. reduced the liens in the SP by using CASE technology
  4. using QUOTENAME function instead of more concat.

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