All of the markets now taking about azure and the new technologies in azure this means that all of us should learn what Is azure and what is the services related to our work in azure for example if you are SQL Server database administrator like Me, you should have fundamental information about azure services, and what is SQL Server types on azure and how we can manage azure SQL .

One of the most interesting topics for me How to migrate your SQL Server DB from on-premises to Azure, If you do search on google on this topic you will find many of articles talking about this subject, and based on my study I listed some notes that can help you on this subject

All of the information here depend on my study and search if something wrong I will be happy to correct me , and if there is extra information you know it related to this subject it will be great to share it on the comment for sharing the knowledge wit all of us I am highly recommend you to read the post first (

Azure Data Migration tools

Below a list of all tools, you can use it on this project some of them can be acting the assessment tool and some of them acting the migration tool offline or online migration and some of them doing both jobs. The first 4 tools are the most commonly used.

  • Azure Data Migration Services (DMS):t is an Online migration using Azure DMS services it can be used to migrate multiple databases from multiple sources to multiple targets, DMS services used the DMA (Data Migration Assistant) services to generate assessment tool, and DMS services it can be used for automated migration for more information about how to use this services check this Microsoft video
Data Migration Assistant | Data Exposed

Migrating other databases to Azure Database:

If you target to migrate any other DB like Oracle, MongoDB, MySQL, DB2, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, MariaDB, access, SAP you should look into this site 

References and interesting articles :

Azure Learning Resources

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