I talked before about How we can implement backup on Azure VM using Recovery services vault and we mentioned that recovery services vault can be used for two purpose backup and site recovery but today we will take in one of the azure security feature Soft Delete but before this point, if you need to know how you can implement backup on VM using recovery services vault check this ➡ article and if you need to know how you can implement the site recovery using azure backup vault check this ➡ article.

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Soft Delete Life Cycle on Azure Recovery Services vault

Soft Delete simply it is security feature if someone deleted your backup or you deleted it by mistake the backup data is retained for 14 additional days and you can recover your backup during this period without any data loss and this feature enabled by default on the recovery services vault, and during this 14 days you are not charged by any cost it is for free from Microsoft azure and this backup is encrypted at rest. For more information about azure storage, encryption checks ➡ Microsoft article.

When you remove the Backup you will receive email from Microsoft that your backup is in soft deleted meaning it is Available for 14 days and you cad do restore for your backup during this period easily.

For more information about soft delete feature check this ➡ Post

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