undefinedMy Name Is Mustafa Elmasry I am Database Consultant MCTS, MCTIP, MCSA, MCSE, MCT for more information about me check this page Today I need to announce that I am Very Excited and Thrilled to have passed my AZ-103 I am now Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate, That’s how I pass my time during #COVID19 days. From 5 months I passed AZ-900 Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals and I started to prepare for Azure Administrator Exam AZ-103 and I am preparing now for the AZ-104 beta new version. I know that I am Database Engineer and this certification not related directly to my carrier objective but I have believed that before starting to learn any cloud services you should have full visibility about azure infrastructure to be able to manage your Azure services well. During the last 5 months, I started to my study journey for Azure administrator and from the first day, I took a covenant on myself to write down all of the notes, hints, and tricks to be a repository that can help the others for how to prepare for Azure administrator certification in this post you will find all of the resources, notes and even the articles I write it during this journey. I take 3 Courses to prepare for the exam AZ-103. In this article, you will find two documentation The First one contain all of the tips and hints I recorded during my study, and the second one it is full documentation explain most of the features and services in azure administration track. In the end, I will be so happy if you share with me your comment and feedback on this post and documents also if anyone has any issue in SQL Server or Azure SQL don’t hesitate to contact me

Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate
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  • Microsoft Azure AZ-103 Tips, Hints and Notes 2020
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Azure Posts and Articles

During this journey I published around 35 Articles covering the most important services in Azure administration such as Backup, Restore, replication, High Availability, VM Scale-out, and Scale-in, Azure Studio, Azure Powershell, Azure CLI even Some posts in Azure SQL Database

  1. Azure Data Studio Articles: ➡️
  2. Azure Storage Account Articles: ➡️
  3. Azure VM Articles: ➡️
  4. Azure Subscription Articles: ➡️
  5. AZ-103 Tips and Hints Articles: ➡️
  6. Azure SQL Database Articles: ➡️
  7. Azure PowerShell and CLI Articles: ➡️
  8. Azure Errors and issues Articles: ➡️
  9. Azure Articles for other Services: ➡️

Microsoft Azure AZ-103 Tips, Hints and Notes 2020

In this Document, I write all of the notes and hints I found it and read it during my learning journey it is very useful that we can do a refresh for our information by reading it from time to time #azuretipsandtricks #databasecloudtech

Azure Administration AZ-103 Documentation 2020

Second Document and this different than the first document (Tips and Hints) in the document I write all that I know about How to do? How to implement it? How to Configure? How to troubleshot? Microsoft Azure Services mentioned on this Exam AZ-103 #azuretipsandtricks #databasecloudtech 41 Pages Contain a lot of  information’s with references

Azure Administration AZ-103 Free Resource

I recommend that you take first the exam AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals If you don’t have any experiences or information about Azure and you can start by this free AZ-900 Course (Exam AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Online Study Guide)  and you can Check the Microsoft Free learning path also you can check this post (AZ-900 STUDY GUIDE: MICROSOFT AZURE FUNDAMENTALS 2020) and when you are ready to start on AZ-103 you should check first the Exam outline Then you can start to look into below Free Resource:

  1. Microsoft Azure administration learning Path
  2. FULL AZ-103 Azure Administrator Course
  3. AZ-103 Microsoft Labs

IF you are interested in SQL Server on Azure Check this SQL Server Workshops

Another Important Azure Resource

Azure Administration AZ-103 Non-Free Courses

IF you Still you need to learn more I recommend you below 5 Courses that is covering AZ-103 and AZ-104

  1. CBTNuggets Course Created by Chuck Keith and Knox Hutchinson
  2. Udemy Course Created by Scott Duffy this Course is Comprehensive Course Contain AZ-103 and AZ-104
  3. Linux Academy Created by Gary McLeary
  4. Linkedin Full AZ-103 Path Created by Sharon Bennett
  5. AZ-104 ColudSkills Course Created by Mike Pfeiffer and Tim Warner

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