Azure Administration AZ-103 Exam preparation and learning Resources 2020


undefinedMy Name Is Mustafa Elmasry I am Database Consultant MCTS, MCTIP, MCSA, MCSE, MCT for more information about me check this page Today I need to announce that I am Very Excited and Thrilled to have passed my AZ-103 I am now Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate, That’s how I pass my time during #COVID19 days. From 5 months I passed AZ-900 Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals and I started to prepare for Azure Administrator Exam AZ-103 and I am preparing now for the AZ-104 beta new version. I know that I am Database Engineer and this certification not related directly to my carrier objective but I have believed that before starting to learn any cloud services you should have full visibility about azure infrastructure to be able to manage your Azure services well. During the last 5 months, I started to my study journey for Azure administrator and from the first day, I took a covenant on myself to write down all of the notes, hints, and tricks to be a repository that can help the others for how to prepare for Azure administrator certification in this post you will find all of the resources, notes and even the articles I write it during this journey. I take 3 Courses to prepare for the exam AZ-103. In this article, you will find two documentation The First one contain all of the tips and hints I recorded during my study, and the second one it is full documentation explain most of the features and services in azure administration track. In the end, I will be so happy if you share with me your comment and feedback on this post and documents also if anyone has any issue in SQL Server or Azure SQL don’t hesitate to contact me

Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate
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Create Deadlock Alert on Microsoft Azure SQL

Deadlock all of us know the meaning of it and how to manage it on SQL Server on-premises and for how to get alert by it normally we are using Database Mail to generate alert from SQL Server but in Azure, the situation is different because there is no Database Mail in Azure there are services called “Azure Monitor” centralized services for managing all of the alerts on all of the Azure resources and this in of the difference between SQL on Azure and SQL on-premises. From this service we can manage our alerts with defining what is the action we need it (Send Email, Execute Function, Call Services, Send SMS ..etc.), You can access the Monitoring Services from this ➡ link or simply by searching azure portal by (Monitor).

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Azure Alert Component

  • Resource: The Azure Resource you need to apply for this Alert role on It and it can be done on the azure subscription itself like alert on cost and budget of the subscription.
  • Condition: it is the logic of the alert what you need to monitor exactly and when
  • Action Group: the action you need to do it when the alert fire on the condition you configure it
  • Matrices: It is like dashboard and reports you can configure it to get some statistics on time and you can build alert on it
  • ALERT DETAILS: alert name and alert description and severity for this alert from (0) to (4)
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