One of the tasks that an Azure administrator should take care of it when you are managing the data on your organization and saving it on Azure Storage you should know How to keep it up and running and also you should know How to recover it after delete

Today we will see what is the required configuration we should do it to be able to recover your deleted data from Azure storage Microsoft Azure has a feature called SOFT DELETE by using this feature you can configure the Azure storage to keep the data available for recovery within the specified data retention period after the delete operation before starting for explaining the soft delete I highly recommend you to take a look into this list of articles you will find very important information and useful content for How to manage Azure storage Check the Articles from ➡️ here

  • Azure Storage Soft delete options and information
  • How to Enable Soft Delete Configuration on Azure Storage account
  • How to check the deleted data and recover it
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Recover Blob After Delete

Azure Storage Soft delete options and information

  • ✅Soft Delete option is disabled by default when you create a new Azure storage account
  • ✅Soft delete for Azure Storage Blobs announced as generally available at May 30, 2018
  • ✅Enabling Soft delete option not required any change from APP level
  • ✅Soft Delete option is available for both version of Azure Storage (GPv1 and GPv2), also soft delete
  • ✅Soft Delete supporting all of the azure storage tiers (Hot, Cool, Archive)
  • ✅Soft Delete is supporting the Unmanaged disks but not supported Managed disks
  • ✅When you need to enable the soft delete option you should decide the retention period you need to configure it
  • ✅The soft Delete retention period can be configured from 1 day to 365 days this means you can recover you deleted data from one year
  • ✅IF you disabled the Soft delete option after enabling it, you will still have access to the data deleted during the soft delete option was enabled
  • ✅Soft delete supported two cases Delete Blob and Overwritten blob
  • ✅Soft Delete not supported Overwritten option in Azure storage archive tier Any updates or deletions are permanent.
  • ✅Blob versioning is created Manually by the admin or by the APP but blob snapshots are created when the data deleted and you enable the Soft delete option for more information check this article
  • ✅Soft Delete not support Azure account delete or container delete that’s why you need to enable a lock configuration to save your account from delete operation for more information about How to lock your azure storage from delete check this article
  • ✅Recover the Data deleted when you enabling the soft delete it is called Undelete Blob
  • ✅For more information about How the soft delete working and thew cases supported it and non supported it check Microsoft documentation also check this QA contain useful question with answer
  • ✅IF you don’t need this option don’t enable it to reduce your cost.

How to Enable Soft Delete Configuration on Azure Storage account

  1. Login to Azure Storage account if it exists or creates a new one check this post to know How you can create it using Azure PowerShell and CLI
  2. In the left side under Blob Services block, you will find Data Protection
  3. When you click on it you will find the Soft delete option in the right side disable by default
  4. Enable it and write the days you need it as the retention period
Enable Soft Delete

You can configure the Soft delete as you can see using Azure Portal but also you can configure it using Powershell, CLI, API

How to check the deleted data and recover it

I created one container as an example and I added some file on it (my certifications 😂) as below you will find it and you will find the option of Show deleted blobs is non check

Then now I will delete the two certifications I highlighted them by green color by doing a check on them and select delete from the top banner, After deleting process the two certifications disappeared as below

If you need to check now the deleted blobs only enable the option of Show deleted blobs you will find the two certifications I deleted them appeared again with the status DELETED

To recover this deleted blobs check them and right-click on them and select undelete

Now the two certifications returned back

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and it is an article with useful content. Thank you

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