Manage Azure Policy Using PowerShell

Azure Policy is a Microsoft service in Azure used for creating and managing policies , assignments and definition and it is used to force some roles on some resources in case of some actions.

  • Policy definition: is the conditions of the policy
  • Policy assignment: in the part we can define which resource or services you need to apply this policy on it , add in your note that the policy assignment by default inherited so for example if you applied Policy on Subscription it will be inherited on all of the resource under this subscription
  • Policy parameters: it will give you the availability to custom your policy
  • Azure initiative Policy: it the like Azure policy but we can use when you need to do group of policy in one step and it is containing the 3 parts (initiative definition, initiative assignment, initiative parameters) “Policy Combo
Azure Policy

Today we will create Azure policy to enforce any new resource for using tag let’s go to see how we can create this policy using PowerShell Command.

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  • Create Resource Group “IF you need it is not mandatory”
  • Save the Resource Group in PowerShell variable ($resource)
  • Call the Resource Group ID
  • Get the Azure Policy definition of required to assign tag for any new resource will be created
  • Save the Azure policy information into PowerShell variable ($Policy)
  • Create Azure Policy
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How to manage Azure using Windows PowerShell


#PowerShell, #Bash and #CLI, and the most common language now for how to manage #Azure are very helpful when you need to automate the tasks did you imagine that you can know provision new VM or new SQL on Azure using your mobile though azure mobile app with Powershell. 💥⛈

If you asked me what is the best? I will be told you nothing all of them are very powerful language and choosing which one of them depends on your past experiences If you are coming from background windows so the PowerShell is the most compatibles with you and if you are coming from Linux background Bash will be the most compatible with you.

Take Control of the Cloud with the Windows Azure PowerShell Cmdlets

How I prepare my local PC to be able to manage azure using theses language?

This is our post of today, all of us know that we have the availability to write PowerShell or Bach code from Azure portal itself😲 . But if we need to manage the portal from our PC, we need to install some tools and import some modules, at the end of the post you will find most of the tools and requirements and advanced tools you can use it on your local PC or on-Premises server to manage Azure.🦾

Note🚦: If you didn’t used Cloud shell before on Azure portal, when you start it portal will ask you to create Storage account for more information check this postStep by Step How to Enable Azure Cloud Shell in Microsoft Azure“🚀

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