Top 5 new features in SQL Server 2012 for developers


Microsoft SQL Server 2012 introduces many features that help database administrators, database developers, and BI developers.

In this article, I will cover some of the new features for database developers in these main points:

  • Database Engine Improvements
  • Improvements to SQL Server Management Studio Debugging
  • Changes to the Scope of Objects
  • Conclusion
  • References

Database Engine Improvements:

  1. File Tables:When we open up SQL Server Management Studio, one of the first changes we notice for SQL Server 2012 is the addition of a new type of table called a File Table.

    File table allows us to make a connection between windows share and a database table such that any file that appears in the share will become a row item in the table.

    It allows us to run queries that tell us how many files we have in that shared location, what type of files, what size the files are, etc….

    Setting this up is a multiple step process:

    • Enable file stream: is The first step we have to do at the instance level.We will do that with the configuration manager tool, open properties of the instance we are interested in, and there is a tab for file stream, in there we should click on all of the checkboxes(enabling all features) as below



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Cumulative update package 9 for SQL Server 2012 SP2 is available now

HI Followers Microsoft Announced about new cumulative update for SQL Server 2012 SP2 (Cumulative update package 9) and it come to fix around 13 Point in SQL Server (Master Data Services , Reporting Services , High Availability , SQL security , SQL service )

the most interested fixed for me is :

5285719 321185 This update introduces a new global property that exposes the latest CU number that is currently installed on the SQL Server. After you install this update, you can obtain the CU number information by executing either of the following queries:

SELECT @@VERSIONSELECT SERVERPROPERTY(‘PRODUCTUPDATELEVEL’)Additionally, this update also adds the CU number information to the first line of the SQL Server error log.

5646993 3097636 FIX: Performance decrease when an application that has connection pooling frequently connects or disconnects in SQL Server
5699533 3051145 FIX: SQL Server may shut down when you use Service Broker in SQL Server 2012 or SQL Server 2014
4272469 2682488 FIX: Backup operation fails in a SQL Server database after you enable change tracking

For more information about the Hotfixes go here

To know More about new feature in SQL Server 2016 you can check it from HERE

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Replicate Function in SQL Server 2012

This New function in SQl Server 2012  (Replicate)

it repeats the string/character expression N number of times specified in the function.


Example :

SET @FirstString = REPLICATE(‘A’,12000)
Select @FirstString
SELECT LEN(@FirstString) LenFirstString;

Replicate Function


Now we see the Result of character”A” it’s repeated but the Question

Why when i Select the Len the result is 8000 not 12000 ?


Sequences in SQL Server 2012


you can easily generate auto-incrementing numbers With Sequence, it will be a different object which you can attach to a table column while inserting

Creating a Sequence in SQL Server Coding

/****** Create Sequence Object ******/




/****** Create Table ******/

Create  TABLE Employee


FullName nvarchar(100) NOT NULL  );

/****** Insert Some Data ******/

INSERT Employee (ID, FullName)

VALUES (NEXT VALUE FOR SEquence2012, ‘Mostafa’),

(NEXT VALUE FOR SEquence2012, ‘Mohamed’),

(NEXT VALUE FOR SEquence2012, ‘Elmasry’);


Creating a Sequence in SQL Server Wizerd


This is New Feature in SQL Server 2012 i see this feature is very good .

OFFSET  command  —- provides a starting point for the SELECT statement , Form where the Select will begin

FETCH command   —– provides how many records to return at a time

in SQL Sever 2012

Use AdventureWork


SELECT Name,ModifiedDate  FROM Production.Culture


offset 2 rows ——- Select the rows from tha table expected the 2 rows

FETCH NEXT 3 ROWS ONLY — show the first 3 rows from the result return after the OFFSET Command

IF you want to make this statment in Oldest Version you will make it like this

Use AdventureWork


SELECT top 3 Name,ModifiedDate  FROM Production.Culture

where name not in (‘Arabic’,’Chinese’)


Clear Recent SQL Server Connection List From SSMS

SQL Server 2005

1.Make sure that the “SQL Server management studio” is not opened
2.Go to “Run”
3.Type this command “%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Tools\Shell\” and click “OK”. This will open up the folder where this list is stored.
4.Now search for the file “mru.dat” and rename this file.
5.After renaming, launch the SQL Server management studio and you will not see any of the most recently used servers in the list.

 SQL Server 2008

1.Make sure that the “SQL Server management studio” is not opened
2.Go to “Run”
3.Type this command “%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Tools\Shell\” and click “OK”. This will open up the folder where this list is stored
4.Now search for the file “SqlStudio.bin” and delete / rename this file.
5.After deleting, launch the SQL Server management studio and you will not see any of the most recently used servers in the list.

SQL Server 2012

view this video because in 2012 it’s very easy you can clear it from the SQL Server management Studio