Full Architecture for SQL Backup to Blob Storage in Cloud

One of the tasks that any DBA should know How to take backup to URL or restore a backup from URL and this’s the easiest part very simple steps and command but this is not our main objective, we should understand all of the components how it is working, what is the different options, what is the changes happened before SQL Server 2016 and After SQL Server 2016 to take the maximum benefits from this service or feature here in my article I will try to conclude all of this things as much as I can.

  • Introduction.
  • Benefits from taking backup to URL.
  • What is Azure Storage Blob?
  • What are the Pre-requisites to do SQL backup on the URL?
  • What is the Difference between SAS Token and access key Azure Storage
  • When I Should use SAS Token or access key Azure Storage
  • When the Backup files will be saved as Block Blob or Page Blob
  • How to Generate and configure Access Policy, Access key, and Shared Access Signature
  • Create SQL Server Credential using access key or SHARED ACCESS SIGNATURE
  • Backup to Azure Storage and restore from Azure Storage.
  • Validate the Backup File.
  • Notes and Limitation for SQL backup to URL.
  • References and Resources.
SQL backup to Azure Storage
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Microsoft Azure Storage Kind and Architecture

Azure Storage it is the container for your data that you can save on it the Hot data and Cool data. but what is the best storage types i need it (Blob, File Shares, Tables, Queues)? and what is the Storage Performance and Storage kind (V1, V2,..) and what about the high availability and disaster recovery for my data.based on all of this options you will be able to determined the best azure storage kind for your Business. So before creating any Storage account you should consider the (Location, performance, Kind, replication, access tier)

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Azure Storage Location

When you are creating any resource in Azure Microsoft asking you about the location because not all locations have full azure features. That’s why the location is the the key that will determined on it the features you will have it on the Storage account. e.g. If you selected Australia Center and selected the performance premium storage you will have two kind of storage account only general Purpose V2 and General Purpose V1 but if you selected East US 2 you will have another choices in the storage kind like BlockblobStorage and FileStorage.

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