Virtual Machine (VM) Backup and Restore (Vault)


Azure Recovery service vault It is azure built in services doesn’t required any infrastructure preparation and it is supported multiple types of backup (VM , File , Disk and SQL Database) it is one of the built options in the VM , so easily when you open Azure virtual machines and select your VM you will find in the left side Backup from this point and this place you can start to manage your backup and restore process as well you can keep monitoring your backup jobs and restore jobs let us go for demo and how to do VM backup and restore it and what is the restore types supported.

  • Azure backup Process.
  • Azure backup hints
  • How to start to take backup from VM
  • Azure Recovery Services vault
  • Azure Restore Options
  • Azure Restore Hints
  • How to do VM restore from Azure recovery services vault

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Azure backup Process:

How the backup process will start and what is the sequences that running behind the seances when I asked azure backup services to take backup from my MV.

  • You need to install Azure backup recovery vault Services
  • Define backup policy then the backup extension will be installed.
  • After this the backup services will start to discovery and analysis your VM disks, files, data and size.
  • Then It will start to create Snapshot from your data. That’s why the backup process sometimes take time but this time will not be more than 24 Hours.
  • After the snapshot completed the Azure backup extension will transfer the snapshot to azure backup recovery vault.

Azure backup hints

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Microsoft Azure Storage Kind and Architecture

Azure Storage it is the container for your data that you can save on it the Hot data and Cool data. but what is the best storage types i need it (Blob, File Shares, Tables, Queues)? and what is the Storage Performance and Storage kind (V1, V2,..) and what about the high availability and disaster recovery for my data.based on all of this options you will be able to determined the best azure storage kind for your Business. So before creating any Storage account you should consider the (Location, performance, Kind, replication, access tier)

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Azure Storage Location

When you are creating any resource in Azure Microsoft asking you about the location because not all locations have full azure features. That’s why the location is the the key that will determined on it the features you will have it on the Storage account. e.g. If you selected Australia Center and selected the performance premium storage you will have two kind of storage account only general Purpose V2 and General Purpose V1 but if you selected East US 2 you will have another choices in the storage kind like BlockblobStorage and FileStorage.

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