Azure Storage Account and Log Analytics

Monitoring Azure Storage activities depend on Azure activity log services and to access this activity log we have three options and to know more information about Azure Storage account check below posts and for all of my posts in azure check this link (Latest Microsoft Azure Articles and Posts)

Activity log: it is like the event viewer in windows when you open the storage account you will find in the left side activity log if you open it you will find all of the activities you do it and when and who do it

Activity log on azure storage account

Log analytics: Search about log analytics on the Azure portal search and create new work space then on the left you will find container call “Work space data source” under it you will find Azure activity log if you click on it you will find your azure subscription just only connect the subscription to the log analytics then Go for the left side again and select Log and from here you can query your activity log using KQL query (Kusto Query Language). Look at this post to know more information about (Microsoft Azure Log Analytics).

Microsoft azure Log Analytics

Log Analytics on Activity log: we can add Log analytics as a solution on the activity log on Azure storage account to do that ( You Should Create first step 2 Log Analytics workspace > open Storage account > in the left side select activity log > on the top right side click on log > add > Select the log analytics Workspace you created it > then save > the refresh) IF you return to Log Analytics workspace in the left side select solution you will find the solution you created it.

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Azure Data Explorer Cluster

Azure Data Explorer it is fully Microsoft managed services for data analytics that we can use it for real time analysis for big large of data streaming. With azure data Explorer we will have the availability to ingest massive of data from multiple sources and with azure data explorer we can start to query this massive of record using KQL (Kusto Query Language).

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