Azure Log Analytics it is Microsoft azure services help us to analyze and assess the logs from many resources for example we can push the logs from below resources to azure log analytics

  • On-premises servers logs (Windows Server Event Logs, Linux System Log) and this can do by installing agent on the server.
  • Logs of Azure matrices, alerts.
  • Logs of custom app.
  • Logs of Azure APP insight.
  • Logs of Azure resources diagnostics.

What we can do with these logs

For more information about Azure Log Analytics check this post

Services Depend on Log Analytics

Azure SQL Analytics it is Azure solution for advanced monitoring scenarios that allows you to collect and visualize important data related to the performance of your Azure SQL Database, elastic pools, and managed instances in a single place. It is based on Log Analytics, so it relies on the Log Analytics for more information check Microsoft article

For How to Start on Azure SQL Analytics check this post


Azure Log Analytics advanced services you can use it to dump all of your logs in one place and you can query the log to dive deep on it is very powerful tool from Microsoft azure Azure Log Analytic the simple definition for it , is Microsoft services used for log analysis from multiple sources Example we can configure the diagnostics setting in Azure SQL to push the logs for Log analytics direct or to keep it saved in Azure storage blog container and log analytics services can pull the logs from the storage containers. But How you can filter and search on this massive of logs. Microsoft provide us amazing option inside the log analytics that you can query your data on it and the use of it is very easy , this query depend on KQL Language (Kusto Query)

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