Azure Storage Account Monitoring Services

Azure Storage is one of the Azure services and most of the azure services depend on it that’s why we should know how we can monitor the capacity, performance, and so many other things but before listing the Azure Storage account monitoring tools I highly recommend you to take a look into this link that contains a lot of articles related to Azure storage and if you are interested to know more about Azure services such as Azure VM, Data Studio, SQL Database, PowerShell, CLI, Subscription Check this link contain a lot of articles in azure, and if you are preparing for Azure administrator certification check this article

  1. Monitor activity on Azure storage
  2. Azure monitoring classic
  3. Azure Storage insights
  4. Main Azure Monitor
  5. Azure Storage account monitoring Resources

Monitor Activity on Azure Storage

To check the activity executed on Azure storage like data process and actions ingress and Egress you can check it using Activity log and Log Analytics Services from this place you will have full Visibility about what is the process, actions and command executed on Azure storage account For more information I already explained this point in this article (Azure Storage Account and Log Analytics)

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Create Deadlock Alert on Microsoft Azure SQL

Deadlock all of us know the meaning of it and how to manage it on SQL Server on-premises and for how to get alert by it normally we are using Database Mail to generate alert from SQL Server but in Azure, the situation is different because there is no Database Mail in Azure there are services called “Azure Monitor” centralized services for managing all of the alerts on all of the Azure resources and this in of the difference between SQL on Azure and SQL on-premises. From this service we can manage our alerts with defining what is the action we need it (Send Email, Execute Function, Call Services, Send SMS ..etc.), You can access the Monitoring Services from this ➡ link or simply by searching azure portal by (Monitor).

  • Azure Alert Component
  • How to create Deadlocks Alert
  • List by alerts created on Azure
  • Alert Dashboard
  • How to Get the deadlock reports Using Azure Matrices
  • How to check Deadlock using SQL Server Script
  • Other Articles For How to Manage Azure SQL Database

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Azure Alert Component

  • Resource: The Azure Resource you need to apply for this Alert role on It and it can be done on the azure subscription itself like alert on cost and budget of the subscription.
  • Condition: it is the logic of the alert what you need to monitor exactly and when
  • Action Group: the action you need to do it when the alert fire on the condition you configure it
  • Matrices: It is like dashboard and reports you can configure it to get some statistics on time and you can build alert on it
  • ALERT DETAILS: alert name and alert description and severity for this alert from (0) to (4)
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Microsoft Azure Log Analytics

Azure Log Analytics it is Microsoft azure services help us to analyze and assess the logs from many resources for example we can push the logs from below resources to azure log analytics

  • On-premises servers logs (Windows Server Event Logs, Linux System Log) and this can do by installing agent on the server.
  • Logs of Azure matrices, alerts.
  • Logs of custom app.
  • Logs of Azure APP insight.
  • Logs of Azure resources diagnostics.

What we can do with these logs

For more information about Azure Log Analytics check this post

Services Depend on Log Analytics

Azure SQL Analytics it is Azure solution for advanced monitoring scenarios that allows you to collect and visualize important data related to the performance of your Azure SQL Database, elastic pools, and managed instances in a single place. It is based on Log Analytics, so it relies on the Log Analytics for more information check Microsoft article

For How to Start on Azure SQL Analytics check this post


Azure Log Analytics advanced services you can use it to dump all of your logs in one place and you can query the log to dive deep on it is very powerful tool from Microsoft azure Azure Log Analytic the simple definition for it , is Microsoft services used for log analysis from multiple sources Example we can configure the diagnostics setting in Azure SQL to push the logs for Log analytics direct or to keep it saved in Azure storage blog container and log analytics services can pull the logs from the storage containers. But How you can filter and search on this massive of logs. Microsoft provide us amazing option inside the log analytics that you can query your data on it and the use of it is very easy , this query depend on KQL Language (Kusto Query)