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Next SQL Gulf event “SQL Gulf #2 “ at Microsoft Dubai


SQL Gulf Community reveals about its upcoming SQL Gulf event “SQL Gulf #2” at Microsoft Dubai on 5/9/2015, It is the first SQL Server event ever in the Middle East to talk about SQL Server 2016 ..!
SQL Gulf #1 was at Saudi Arabia, Riyadh on 30/8/2014 , indeed it was extremely successful one that is why we are so excited to spread the word everywhere in the Gulf through many SQL Gulf events at all Gulf cities ,interestingly said that the top notch SQL Server experts and most ever popular speakers are coming from US, UK ..etc are coming to speak to you  at SQL Gulf #2 like Kevin Kline from US and Satya Shyam K Jayanty from UK ..etc  and more importantly to know it is the first SQL Server event in the Middle East ever to talk about SQL Server 2016…

Register here to reserve your seat ASAP, seats are limited , here below is the event program:

Session Abstracts:

1-FIRE! A Fullproof Checklist for Tuning and Troubleshooting

Session Abstract: Learning how to detect, diagnose and resolve performance problems in SQL Server is tough.  Often, years are spent learning how to use the tools and techniques that help you detect when a problem is occurring, diagnose the root-cause of the problem, and then resolve the problem.
In this session, attendees will see demonstrations of the tools and techniques which make difficult troubleshooting scenarios much faster and easier, including:
•             XEvents, Profiler/Traces, and PerfMon
•             Using Dynamic Management Views (DMVs)
•             Advanced Diagnostics Using Wait Stats
•             Reading SQL Server execution plan

Every DBA needs to know how to keep their SQL Server in tip-top condition, and you’ll need skills the covered in this session to do it.
Prerequisites: Intermediate database administration and development skills, especially competence with SSMS.
Goal 1: Learn the “sieve” method of troubleshooting and problem solving, and how to make SQL Server alert you when problems arise.
Goal 2: Discover how to use wait stat analysis, as well as correlate performance information from other sources inside of SQL Server including DMVs, performance counters, and Xevent/trace information.
Goal 3: Learn how to use the most important native tools within SQL Server through live demos to successfully conduct troubleshooting and performance tuning.

Summary: Microsoft ships a multitude of tools to help detect, diagnose and resolve problems inside of SQL Server. But which is best to use and when? This session teaches attendees how to tackle the troubleshooting process to achieve repeated, optimal results.

2-What do I need to know about Data Platform Upgrade best practices & techniques

Data Platform Upgrade topic has been a popular session that I’ve presented in major conferences like Microsoft Tech-Ed (North America, Europe & India), SQLPASS, SQLSaturdays and SQLbits since the year 2008.

In this session, we will overview in depth end-to-end upgrade process that covers the essential phases, steps and issues involved in upgrading SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 R2 & SQL Server 2012/2014 (with a good overview on 2016 too) by using best practices and available resources.
We will cover the complete upgrade cycle, including the preparation tasks, upgrade tasks, and post-upgrade tasks. Real-world examples from my Consulting experience expanding on why & how such a solution will work in critical situations.

3-Performance Dreams started at SQL Server 2014 and come true now at SQL Server 2016

“Performance Dreams started at SQL Server 2014 and come true now at SQL Server 2016”
, it is just like this because you Microsoft launched live SQL Server 2014 with unbelievable performance reads and substantial improvement that you cannot give up them , come in here to my session and you will know more about many new features and rich powers of SQL Server 2014 regarding performance particularly like  Microsoft project “Hekaton” for In-memory built in for OLTP , CCI( columnstore index) ,Resource Governor for IO consumption ,  lock priority management  and also Single partition online index rebuild technologies ,you will get much hands-on experience  for all definitions , architecture design , values and benefits ,caveats  and recommendations related to each one of them so that you can drive a conscious decision for upgrading your DBs to SQL Server 2014 but keep in mind that are some limitations for those features that should be considered largely before  production deployments …If not ,don’t be upset as it Is still not the end of way coz Microsoft had really rolled out SQL Server 2016 which could address successfully many of those limitations and indeed SQL Server 2014 performance dreams come true at SQL Server 2016, I will speak there simply to help those who didn’t breath SQL Server for the last little while

4-SQL Server Internals and Architecture

Session Abstract: Let’s face it.  You can effectively do many IT jobs related to SQL Server without knowing the internals of how SQL Server works.  Many great developers, DBAs, and designers get their day-to-day work completed on time and with reasonable quality while never really knowing what’s happening behind the scenes.  But if you want to take your skills to the next level, it’s critical to know SQL Server’s internal processes and architecture.  This session will answer questions like:

–       What are the various areas of memory inside of SQL Server?
–       How are queries handled behind the scenes?
–       What does SQL Server do with procedural code, like functions, procedures, and triggers?
–       What happens during checkpoints?  Lazywrites?
–       How are IOs handled with regards to transaction logs and database?
–       What happens when transaction logs and databases grow or shrinks?

This fast paced session will take you through many aspects of the internal operations of SQL Server and, for those topics we don’t cover, will point you to resources where you can get more information.  So strap on your silly, as we cover all these topics and more at speed with tongue planted firmly in cheek!

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of SQL Server operations and activities – such as transactions, queries, and preventative maintenance tasks like backup and recovery.

Goal 1: Learn about the major components within the SQL Server architecture, starting with the relational engine and storage engine, working down to greater and greater detail.
Goal 2: See what happens inside the SQL Server query optimizer and how the query optimizer affects transaction execution time, both read-only and read-write transactions
Goal 3: Review the major operational processes inside of SQL Server that affect memory management and IO activity.

5-Power BI deployment best practices to deliver data analytics to the business

How to deploy Power BI, how to implement configuration parameters and package BI features as a part of Office 365 roll out in your organisation.

Having said that, cloud computing is another aspect of this technology made is possible to get data within few clicks and ticks to the end-user. Let us review how to manage & connect on-premise data to cloud capabilities that can offer full advantage of data catalogue capabilities by keeping data secure as per Information Governance standards. Not just with nuts and bolts, performance is another aspect that every Admin is keeping up, let us look into few settings on how to maximize performance to optimize access to data as required.

Gain understanding and insight into number of tools that are available for your Business Intelligence needs.

There will be a showcase of events to demonstrate where to begin and how to proceed in BI world.


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SQL Server 2014 Service Pack 1 has released

Congratulation Microsoft and big Congratulation for us (SQL Server Releases blog)


One year ago, Microsoft launched SQL Server 2014. Today, April 15, Microsoft are pleased to announce the release of SQL Server 2014 Service Pack 1 (SP1). The Service Pack will be available for download on the Microsoft Download Center.

SQL Server 2014 SP1 contains fixes provided in SQL Server 2014 CU 1 up to and including CU 5, as well as a rollup of fixes previously shipped in SQL Server 2012 SP2. For highlights of the release, please read the Knowledge Base Article for Microsoft SQL Server 2014 SP1.

As part of our continued commitment to software excellence for our customers, this upgrade is available to all customers with existing SQL Server 2014 deployments via the download links below. SQL Server 2014 with SP1 will be available in additional venues including the Volume Licensing Center and via Microsoft Update starting May 1, 2015.

Microsoft® SQL Server® 2014 SP1
Microsoft® SQL Server® 2014 SP1 Express
Microsoft® SQL Server® 2014 SP1 Feature Pack

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الصلاحيات الجديده فى محرك قواعد بيانات مايكروسوفت 2014

استمرارا لسلسلة المقالات الأخيرة التي تناولتها فى محرك قواعد بيانات مايكروسوفت فى المقال السابق تحدثنا عن الجداول المرنه والجداول الغير مرنه فى محرك قواعد بيانات مايكروسوفت 2014  هذا المقال الجديد ساقوم بشرح وتحليل الصلاحيات الجديده التى ظهرت مؤخرا مع محرك  قواعد بيانات مايكروسوفت 2014 والتى جاءت لكى تعالج بعض الثغرات الأمنية الخاصة بقواعد البيانات وابضا لتسهيل بعض الأعمال كما هو موضح ادناه :

لقد قامت مايكروسوفت بعمل مخطط جديد لصلاحيات محرك قواعد البيانات مايكروسوفت  2014 (SQL Server 2014) وجاءت فى هذا المخطط بثلاثه صلاحيات جديده التي قد حققـ خطوة متميزة في مجال امان قواعد البيانات لذا سوف اقوم بشرح هذه الصلاحيات الجديده وساقوم بعمل تطبيق على على كل واحده منهم لمعرفه متى يمكن استخدام هذا الصلاحيه وما هى وجه الأستفاده التى ستعود على أمن المعلومات من هذه الصلاحيات .


الصلاحيات الجديده فى محرك قواعد بيانات مايكروسوفت 2014 :

  2. SELECT ALL USER Securables Permission.
  3. IMPERSONATE ANY login Permission.


يمكن الوصول الى هذه الصلاحيات عن طريق الخطوات الأتيه :


  1. Write click on SQL Server instance
  2. Select Properties
  3. From the write panel select Permission
  4. You will find now the 3 new Permission on the right

لأستكمال المقاله يرجى الذهاب الى هذا العنوان من هنا 

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Keep your database in safe mode

images (1)Hi Seniors DBA HI junior DBA HI DBA Consultant , There is no one without errors or defects if you agree with me Complete the post if not don’t waste your time !, How you can keep your database in safe Mode from any mistake can by happen by any accident ? we should put our database in the safe mode Under any circumstances ,so what you can do if you deleted your database by wrong ! and in the same time you lost your last backup for this database !! really it is very bad situation and may be not happened put may be happen also, to be calm and to Keep your database in safe mode you should take preventive action one of this preventive action Forcing the Drop database Command or Rename database to rollback and you can do it easily without more effort and without more maintenance cost by using DDL trigger ,  to know more about triggers and DML , DDL and Login triggers go for this link (CREATE TRIGGER (Transact-SQL)) Trigger can be created on tables , Databases and on All Server what we will do now Create trigger on all Server

Create Trigger 

IF EXISTS (SELECT * FROM sys.server_triggers
WHERE name = ‘KeepYourDBinSafeMode’)
Create TRIGGER KeepYourDBinSafeMode
FOR Drop_Database ,Alter_Database
PRINT ‘You must disable Trigger “KeepYourDBinSafeMode” to drop or alter Database!’

Check the trigger from Mangment Studio 


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Breakthrough in SQL Server 2012 Security fixed by SQLServer 2014

Breakthrough in SQL Server 2012 Security fixed by SQLServer 2014

Hi dear we have big bug in SQL Server 2012 security this from my personal view it’s Breakthrough in SQL Server 2012 Security in SQL Server 2012 can the user IMPERSONATE another user and take his privilege and do what he need What !! what i am saying is fact in SQL Server 2012 but it’s fixed in SQL Sever 2014 let’s go for demo:

Open your SQL Server 2014 and open 2 sessions

First Session : Create sysadmin user and read user

1- Sysadmin user

USE [master]
ALTER SERVER ROLE [sysadmin] ADD MEMBER [adminuser]

2- Read user

USE [master]

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