Sync your local files with Azure Storage Sync Service

We talked before about Storage and the types of storage and how to manage the storage but today we will talk about the file share that’s one of the types of azure storage and the questions now after creating the file share how I can sync my files from my V-Center VM to Azure File share, Microsoft provided us services called Azure file sync so to let us know how we can configure it and what is the prerequisites we should configure it on the V-Center VM

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  • Create Azure File Share.
  • Files Assessment on local V-Center VM.
  • Install Azure File Sync on Azure.
  • Install Azure File Sync on local V-Center VM
  • Registration Verification
  • Create Cloud Sync endpoint and server endpoint
Sync your local files with Azure Storage Sync Service
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Azure Virtual Machines Types,Series


Microsoft provided us multiple types and series from Azure VM supported all of the workloads with many of options that we should consider it before going for moving your services to azure VM we should understand very well what is the VM types and what is the Microsoft recommendation for choosing the VM type based on the workload.

  1. Azure Virtual Machine Types
  2. Azure Virtual Machine series(Size)
  3. Virtual Machine Pricing.
  4. Learn more about Azure VMs

Azure VM

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