Today in this Part i will list some important notes related to Implement and Manage Storage to Check Part 1 got to this link Microsoft Azure AZ-103 Tips, Hints and Notes Part 1

For more information about other Azure posts and articles, all of them are collected in one link ➡️  HERE 

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Manage Azure Storage Account Articles

  1. Managing and implementing Azure storage
  2. Microsoft Azure Storage Kind and Architecture
  3. Create Storage Account Using PowerShell and CLI Command
  4. How To Monitor Azure Storage Account
  5. Sync your local files with Azure Storage Sync Service
  6. Copy Files to or from Azure Storage using Azcopy
  7. Azure Storage Geo-Replication
  8. Azure Date Transfer Solutions
  9. Microsoft Azure Storage Permission

Implement and Manage Storage Tips

  1. Attach an external disk to Server and then run waimportexport.exe (Determine data to be imported, number of drives you need, destination blob location for your data in Azure storage and Use the WAImportExport tool to copy data to disk drives. Encrypt the disk drives with BitLocker.)
  2. From the Azure portal, create an import job (Create an import job in your target storage account in Azure portal. Upload the drive journal files.)
  3. Detach the external disks from Server and ship the disks to an Azure data center. (Provide the return address and carrier account number for shipping the drives back to you then Ship the disk drives to the shipping address provided during job creation.)
  4.  From the Azure portal, update the import job (Update the delivery tracking number in the import job details and submit the import job. Then The drives are received and processed at the Azure data center. Then The drives are shipped using your carrier account to the return address provided in the import job.)
  1. LRS Support GPV1, GPV2, Block Blob Storage, File Storage
  2. GRS, RA-GRS, ZRS, GZRS, RA-GZRS Not Supported (GPV1, GPV2, Blob Storage ,Block Blob Storage, File Storage)

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