When you are planning for Hyper model and you need to sync the identity between your local active directly on-premises to azure active directory at this time you will need to know what is Azure AD connect

Azure AD Conenct

What is Azure AD Connect?

Azure AD Connect it is Microsoft tool designed for syncing the identity from on-premises active directory to azure active directory and it is containing two types of installation and it is depending on SQL Server. and by default, the engine sync’s the identity every 3 minutes 🚀

  • Express installation option for Single Forest
  • Custom installation option for Multiple Forests or different sign-on option
  • Download Azure AD Connect tool from HERE 💪

And for more information about the how to use and how to install Azure AD Connect tool check Microsoft article 

Azure AD Connect installation tips 👇✍

  • Azure AD Connect can not be installed on Windows Server Essentially
  • Server Core not support
  • Server must be at least windows Server 2008
  • IF you installed Azure AD Connect on Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 or later password Synchronization are required.
  • SQL Server is required and it when you installed the Azure AD Connect it will install by default SQL Server express 2012 but you can configure it on your own SQL Server.

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