All of us know Azure Data Studio is new Microsoft tool like SQL Server Management Studio but with highly advanced features like Azure Data Studio Notebook, one of the features that you can PowerShell extension on Azure data Studio to connect to your Azure Portal and do your homework easily, Azure data studio PowerShell extension supported PowerShell and Cloud Shell (CLI) AZ Command, did you imagine this powerful tool from one place you can write your T-SQL, PowerShell, and CLI and you can manage your SQL Server on Premises and your Azure SQL and the other Azure services, all of these services and these languages from one place Using Microsoft Azure data Studio 🚀💪😱

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Managing Azure With PowerShell From Azure Data Studio

Connect to Azure with PowerShell from Azure Data Studio

  • Download Azure Data Studio Download Link
  • After installation open Azure data Studio and from the left side select Extensions
  •  In the Search write “PowerShell” and install it
  • After Extension installation open View >> Terminal and Start your Code
  • If you need to login to azure you can write “Az Login” or “Connect-AzAccount
  • After this you can do what you need as below, I connected to azure and I created a new Resource Group using PowerShell and Using Cloud Shell CLI Az command also.
How to use PowerShell in Azure Data Studio

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