Troubleshooting Performance issues Like Microsoft Engineers Part 1


Most of us as DBA (Database administrators) have the base knowledge about the performance issues, and during our work days we faced many of performance issues, and I believe that troubleshooting performance issues is something not easy and not straightforward so there is no documented steps for How you can troubleshoot the performance issue because the troubleshooting depend on the type of the performance issue but most of the technical support teams used some common tools and scripts for troubleshooting performance issues, and the most important thing that you should build your own scripts library that can help you for troubleshooting the most common cases of Performance issues such as (Locking and Blocking on Database, High CPU , Timeout, Slowness , …etc) So my advice Start to build your own library and try to be more proactive and don’t waited the issue come to you , try to find it before it is fire, in this article of today I will try to explain some tools and scripts can help you while troubleshooting any performance issues and this tools used by the most expert guys and some of them used by Microsoft technical Support team.

This article for how to capture the workload during the performance issue to be able to know what the issue is but not for how to solve this issue.

If you have any other helpful tools or scripts not mentioned here and it can help for troubleshooting the performance issue share it in the comment to be the article as a repository for all of us.

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Azure DP-900 (Data Fundamental) Certification perpetration

Nothing Is hard when you decide to do it, from two weeks I earned my Certification of Azure Data Engineer and today I passed Exam DP-900 and I got my new badge for Azure Data Fundamental DP-900 with Score 882 and I passed this Exam by 3 resources only.

Azure Data Fundamentals
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Azure Data Engineer Certification Preparation

This week i got my new Azure Certification badge (Azure Data Engineer) and today i am writing this article to share all of the resources i collected it during my study this is not a technical article I will not explain any concept or any technical information here this article is repository article.

Exam information

To get Azure Data Engineer Badge you should pass two exams DP-200 and DP-201

  1. DP-200 (Implementing an Azure Data Solution)
  2. DP-201 (Designing an Azure Data Solution)

Both exams are They are very similar DB-200 related for How to do and How to Implement and DB-201 related for How to design, how to provide a solution, how to choose between data sources, what is the best solution for data movement …etc.

DP-201 Exam contain many cases questions you should read the case very well and answer the questions on this case

Also, during the study, you can prepare for the other two exams because both of them are covering the same concept of Azure Data Engineer. Study well and enter the 4 exams (DP-200, DP-2001, DP-300, DP-900)

  1. DP-300 (Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure)
  2. DP-900 (Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals)
Azure Data Engineer Associate

After passing two exams you should earn the badge like this

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What you need to know About Azure SQL backup

Most of DBA are coming from On-premise Database Servers they know very well How we can manage SQL backup using SQL Server native backup or even using SQL Server Backup third party tool but when we moved our database to cloud (Azure SQL) all of us starting to ask How the backup is taken in Azure for SQL Database, what is the RTO and RPO, How I can restore the backup all of this information I will list them in my article of today.

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How Azure RBAC Work

Azure RBAC is Role-based Access Control it is the gateway for any access (access management of Azure resources) and this service will help you to manage the access and to know who has access and what is kind of access he should take it.

RBAC Diagram
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