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Troubleshooting “SQL Server Database Is In Recovery Pending State”


Users of SQL Server Database must be aware of Recovery states, that occurs when there is unintentional dropped SQL table or any other components that needs to be restored. The SQL Server Database is in recovery pending state at situations like restart of SQL Server, offline & online state of database or while restoring database from a backup. However, if there is any issue during this recovery process, error can be Read the rest of this entry »

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Connect With windows authentication Between 2 SQL Instance in 2 PC in Workgroup


How Can I Connect With windows authentication from SQL Server instance in PC name (SQL-PC) to another SQl Server instance in Another PC name (SQL2-PC) although this two PC in Workgroup not in Domain  ?????


It’s very Easy on PC no 1 Create Windows User name Admin With password 123 for Example then Go to the another Server PC no 2 then Create Windows user Name Admin With same password 123

then Add this user in SQl Server instance in PC no 1 and PC no 2  the Try to Connect Form PC no1 to PC no 2 By SQL Server it Will be Connect Direct  but if you Change the User name or the password in any PC SQL Server will give you Error



Not Connected

Not Connected

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