Troubleshooting Performance issues Like Microsoft Engineers

IF you are a Database administrator and managing SQL Server Database so this article for you, this article is a parent for 3 parts for How to troubleshoot the performance issues on SQL Servers such as Microsoft engineers and support team.

Part 1

In the first part, I explained the built tools and reports in SQL Server and some other scripts free you can use it for troubleshooting performance issues.

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Part 2

In the second part, I explained How we can collect all of the SQL Server logs during the performance issues using the PSSDIAG tool.

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Part 3

In the third part, I explained How we can load and analyze the output of the PSSDIAG tool using the SQL Nexus tool and Performance Analysis of Logs (PAL) tool.

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In this part we will talk about Some of the cases that can lead us for AG latency

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Troubleshooting Performance issues like Microsoft Engineers Part 3

If you don’t read the previous parts you can read it from here (PART1, PART2), in this part of today we will explain how we can analyze the output of PSSDIAG using:

  1. SQL Nexus
  2. SQL-Nexus-and-ReadTrace-Analysis-Scripts
  3. Performance Analysis of Logs (PAL)

in the previous part we explained how we can collect the most sensitive information and logs during the performance issue using PSSDIAG and today we will take the output of PSSIDAG and we will analyze it using SQL Nexus

All Parts (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4)

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Troubleshooting Performance issue like Microsoft Engineers Part 2

In the first PART we talked about the built-in tools in SQL Server management studio and some other custom packages scripts can help us in troubleshooting performance issues, but what we can do if these tools did not support us by what we expecting and we need more information for more investigation, Most of us in the critical cases we will open case wit Microsoft support, and the first thing Microsoft engineer do it, is collecting the data during the issue, to be able to analysis it and today in this part we will cover the tools that are used by Microsoft engineers for collecting the data such as PSSDIAG tool and the upcoming part No 3 we will talk about the tools used for analyzing the output results of PSSDIAG tool such as (SQL Nexus, Performance Analysis of Logs (PAL))

All Parts (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4)

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Part 2
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Troubleshooting Performance issues Like Microsoft Engineers Part 1


Most of us as DBA (Database administrators) have the base knowledge about the performance issues, and during our work days we faced many of performance issues, and I believe that troubleshooting performance issues is something not easy and not straightforward so there is no documented steps for How you can troubleshoot the performance issue because the troubleshooting depend on the type of the performance issue but most of the technical support teams used some common tools and scripts for troubleshooting performance issues, and the most important thing that you should build your own scripts library that can help you for troubleshooting the most common cases of Performance issues such as (Locking and Blocking on Database, High CPU , Timeout, Slowness , …etc) So my advice Start to build your own library and try to be more proactive and don’t waited the issue come to you , try to find it before it is fire, in this article of today I will try to explain some tools and scripts can help you while troubleshooting any performance issues and this tools used by the most expert guys and some of them used by Microsoft technical Support team.

This article for how to capture the workload during the performance issue to be able to know what the issue is but not for how to solve this issue.

If you have any other helpful tools or scripts not mentioned here and it can help for troubleshooting the performance issue share it in the comment to be the article as a repository for all of us.

Check the other parts (Part 2, Part 3, Part 4)

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Azure DP-900 (Data Fundamental) Certification perpetration

Nothing Is hard when you decide to do it, from two weeks I earned my Certification of Azure Data Engineer and today I passed Exam DP-900 and I got my new badge for Azure Data Fundamental DP-900 with Score 882 and I passed this Exam by 3 resources only.

Azure Data Fundamentals
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