Azure SQL Database Data Sync Group


Azure Data Sync is Microsoft service announced on June 18, 2018, and it is used to sync the data from Azure SQL to another Azure SQL Database or from SQL Server on-premises to Azure SQL Bi-Directional this services used for data sync only and you should not use it as disaster recovery or as migration tool or as read-only replica IF you need to know when you should use azure data sync check this Microsoft article, and if you need to know What is the best option for Azure SQL Database Migration, replication and read-only check this link you will find very useful articles

Azure Data Sync Concept

  • Sync Group: is one of the databases that you want to synchronize
  • Hub Database: is one the synchronize Databases
  • Member database: another database in the data sync synchronization is member databases
  • Synchronization: Happened between Hub Database and member databases this means when you do change on one of the member databases the changes reflected on the other member databases through the Hub database
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Azure Storage Geo-Replication

I explained before How we can use the Geo-replication on Azure SQL and how is very helpful for SQL replication and failover for more information about this subject check this ➡ Article Today we will use the same services for replicated the azure storage data.

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  • How to Implement Geo-Replication on Azure Storage

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Moving Azure VM Using Recovery Service Vault

As I explained before on my last article [Virtual Machine (VM) Backup and Restore (Vault)] that we can use the Azure recovery services vault for taking backup and doing a restore from azure VM using recovery services vault also the same services can be used to migrate your local VM from V-center to Azure using (Recovery services vault site recovery) and in this post, we will explain how to use this services recovery vault to Move VM between two rejoin and to do failover easily for the VM. Let’s go for technical steps

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VM Replication From East US2 to East US
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Azure Active Geo-Replication Services

Azure Active Geo-Replication Services is one of the powerful services in Azure used for replicating the SQL database data to another Regions using the same concept of always on data are readable on the another regions and synced on time , With Active Geo-Replication we can configure up to four readable secondary databases in the same or different data center locations (regions).

  • What is Azure Geo-Replication
  • What is Geo-Replication Mode
  • How to Configure Active Geo-replication
  • Geo-Replication Permission
  • Benefits from the secondary and Geo-Replication
  • How to Failover to Secondary
  • Checking the replication Status
  • Remove Geo-Replication
  • Conclusion
Active Geo-Replication
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